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Every story deserves to be heard.

We at the SunTarina, understand that each story has a unique voice and message. Our offered services are designed to bring out your best. Whether it’s a personal narrative or your business message, we help you share it with the world. We ask for your story and offer three main services for recording and sharing it:


Let’s check your starting point and where you want to go. Let’s start the business with your tools, building on what you are already doing in your company. We act as directors, interviewers and sparring partners for your video.

(Prices from 200€)

Story Campaign.

Story campaign – where we interview and listen so you can share your story. – Let’s wake up your customers with good amount of videos and make you visible in social media. We listen with deep understanding and empathy. Our interview process is designed to understand what you want to share. We go through your thoughts and experiences with you so we can genuinely capture your story.

(Prices from 2000€, 10+ videos)

Tailored Production.

A tailored spectacle or brand video that highlights your company’s values ​​and unique voice. We script with your story and your voice. In scripting, we combine creativity and precision to ensure that every word and scene reflects your personality and the power of your message.

(Prices from 2500€)

Your Documentary.

Your documentary– High-quality documentary production that immortalize your story in a visually impactful way. This is framing your story using quality video and audio techiques. Whether it’s a personal biography or a business video, we ensure that the final product is emotionally engaging.

(Prices from 3000€)

Additional Services.

Ongoing support and distribution. We also offer additional services, such as story distribution across different channels and ongoing support. We want to ensure that your story reaches the widest audience possible and that your message resonates with its listeners.

We also offer live streaming services and versatile sound production. Ask for more info.

Let's tailor your story together.

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