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We are SunTarina, story-facilitators, and empowerees' of creative media content.

Our promise is to facilitate a creative atmosphere and take care of the smallest details, so you can focus on the quality of your content. Our goal is to see your story amplified as meaningful and memorable as possible. We believe that your story matters! It’s just waiting for you to tell it in a crisp, clear, and enjoyable way.

A great eye for framing your story is what defines us. Video and audio creation is our joy! We have the courage to jump into different projects and we want to be implementing an excellent experience for our clients.

Let’s tell your story!



Juho enjoys the excitement of taking risks. That is something he also looks up to from others. He is motivated to see this courage and risk-taking attitude. For him, challenges, where the outcome is unclear, are much more interesting than dictated success. He’s a musician and music producer with many songs released for himself and has studied business with focus in entrepreneurship and audio branding. Also, being tech-savy, he likes to search for new ways to be creative within the technology sphere.


Ronja seeks joy in life. Having seen both sides of life, she appreciates things such as freedom, simplicity, security, and helping others. Those things allow an experience of joy to her. Ronja is handy with cameras and has a great eye for visual stuff. The importance of how things look visually is also a part of her, and it’s also a means of influencing a joyful atmosphere. She has a degree in business and did her marketing studies as an exchange student in Canada.


Specializing in corporate storytelling videos, we also excel in diverse media projects from documentaries and music videos to personal narratives, podcast series, and TikTok videos. Check out some of our creative work from our portfolio here. We’re thrilled to bring your story to life, so reach out and let our skilled team turn your ideas into a captivating reality.


Podcast production.

We produce audio and video podcasts for your needs. Putting the pieces of your series together and bringing it to life is what this service offers, aimed to meet all your audio and video editing needs, so you can put your attention on creating quality content. Just bring your story and we help you tell it! You have the idea, and we have the means.

Social media content videos (TikTok, IG, YouTube).

Sometimes you have the idea but not the means of production. Let us help you with that! Let’s figure out together how to leverage amazing content on your social media pages. From TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, up to YouTube full-length videos, we can be part of your creative process and make content with a specific message, type and format that adjusts to each platform.


Livestreaming is an exciting way to share your story with your audience in real-time. Let’s start the interaction with yours! The sense of being in the moment and sharing your content with your viewers is fulfilling, and we can assist you with setting up your stream, from the audio mixing to the video recording.

Documentary filming.

We document what you create, whether it’s a song-making project, an interview, or an art painting. We adjust to your narrative, with a tailored pace and storyline flow. Portraying your real-life story and inspiring others to give a strong message is what we can do for you!

Video editing.

Every production is followed by postproduction, and we will take care of that on an editing table. Creating a well told story has a backstage action: selecting the visuals that best represents your message, maintaining a rhythm that sets the story and brings it together, making sense of the main objective and delivering a result that sticks to your content.

Song making and recording.

You can order music from us or come and make it with us. Productions include creating solid songs to coming up with an audio brand. With our equipment and your passion, we can create that song that’s been playing on your mind. Share your idea with us and let’s collaborate and put together the instruments, voice, and emotion into it!

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