Introduction video of the Pripoli Auditorium


Our client needed to showcase their beautiful auditorium in a form of video. We made a script and got to shoot and edit a video that represents their customer’s journey.

Eerika from Pripoli:

A beautifully and stylishly finished video. What I like most about this is the narrative of the video, which I hoped for when we first met.

Instead of disjointed pieces, the video creates an authentic story that is interesting to follow. It grows, surprises, and convinces.

The video creates an image of Pripolis as a high-quality, interesting, dynamic, and modern partner. Exactly the feelings I was hoping for.

The story of KiraHukka


A local artist KiraHukka wanted to present her work in a video format. We helped her by shooting a video of her in the studio and she answered several questions about her artistic career during the interview. The video was complimented with her favorite style of music.

KiraHukka the artist:

@kerrosuntarina made an absolutely stunning video of me! A huge thanks to them for their amazing work. It was really easy to work with them, and it was a pleasure to do this project.

Highly recommended!🔥

Production Documentary: Jurassic Parkinson | Too Perfect Love


We were asked to document a journey that was recording a music video with a big crew. The main artist of Jurassic Parkinson suffers from Parkinson’s disease and this video is a documentary about how is it possible to create art in circumstances that are not on your side.

A member of the crew:

Huge thanks and hype for this amazing video you’ve made, which I just watched and my cheeks hurt from smiling so much. This video you made is so important. Thank you for making something like this! Good heavens! You guys are incredible, as people and as creators!

Music Video illustration for Lenita Hagert


We were asked to create an illustration of pictures of an already recorded song. The song is about journey and the little video snippets came to visually represent that journey.